THESE PAGES ARE CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION - I am transferring data from my previous site - it's a slow process! If you need something from the old site, please contact me This section of the site revisits section 2 of the work of Lawrence Francis Tivey 1973 and gives details of census, births deaths and marriages, trade directories, apprenticeship papers, settlement papers, other parish documents and other information compiled by the author Jan Tivey. This is an ongoing time-consuming journey of discovery and more facts will be added as they are discovered. It also follow the female Tivey lines in greater detail. Please note that the Groups in blue are complete and the groups in green are work in progress! If there's anything you can add or if you spot any mistakes - please get in touch

If you are not sure which group is yours - Check the male, female, wives, or other surname index first  - These are currently being built - so please refer to L F TIVEY's INDEXES First