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Janet-A-TiveyAllow me to introduce myself. I am Jan;   a Tivey by marriage, though I've been one for over 20 years!

I started to plunge into genealogy about 12 years ago after the death of my beloved Father-in-Law John Frederick Tivey. I was bitten by the family tree bug and after stumbling across a rare book containing the life work of L F Tivey into the various Groups of Families within the UK, I made it my mission to find out more about them. This eventually progressed into a One-Name Study - with a twist. L F Tivey, didn't  do any research into the female Tiveys, once they married, the trail ended. I have tracked them down and added them to his invaluable research. On this site you will see L F Tivey's original work completed in the 1970's along with my take on the families, the ladies families and lots of other interesting facts.  I am always on the look out for photographs, old documents (of deceased Tivey's) grave/monumental photographs, certificates, antiquities, letterheads, company information, newspaper articles ~ just about anything that bears the Tivey name. So If you would like to contribute or discuss anything within this website -  then drop me a line - go to the CONTACT ME PAGE if you prefer to write - my postal address is there too. Now click on the menu at the Top  of the page and discover more about the Tiveys and related families.


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