Tivey Family Genealogy - Marriages


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Ada Tivey & Edmund (Edmond) Martin, Nottingham Registry Office 1915,  

Ada Tivey & Frank-Fletcher, Sheffield Parish Church, 1886

Ada Tivey & John Buck Overton Islington St James, London 1887

Ada Alice Tivey & Herbert Charles Potter, St Michael's Melbourne, 1917,

Ada Louisa Tivey & William Boardman, Attercliffe Christ Church, Yorks 1918

Agnes Tivey & Alfred Edgar Smith, Tutbury, 1891

Albert Tivey & Alice Maud Guard, 1883, Radford Parish Church

Albert Benjamin Franklin Tivey & Maude Brownlee, Everett, MA, USA, 1903 

Albert Frederick Tivey & Grace Dorothy Mutton, St Paul's, Notts  1934  

Alfred Tivey & Catherine Summerfield, Derby Wesleyan Reform Chapel, 1871  

Alfred John Tivey & Gertrude Griffiths Head, Wellingborough 1894

Alfred John Tivey & Emma Wheeldon,  Hyson Green St Paul's 1868

Alfred Tivey & Elsie Ward, St Michael's Melbourne, Derbyshire 1925

Alfred Tivey & Emma Sharratt St Michael's Church, Melbourne, 1878  

Alfred George Tivey & Nellie May Warner, Christ Church, Notting Hill, 1913

Alfred (William) Tivey & Lydia Smith, Derby St Alkmund, 1851  

Alfred William Tivey & Joan Evans, Brimington Parish Church, 1939

Alice Tivey & Felix Hill, Melbourne Baptist Church, Derbyshire, 1893  

Alice Tivey & James Shevill, St Botolph without Bishopsgate, London 1875

Alice Tivey & Richard Astle St Michael's Church Melbourne, Derbyshire 1876  

Alice Agnes Tivey & Albert Edwards, Greenhill Primitive Methodist 1902

Alice Ethel Tivey & Ralph Judson Mullen, New Hampshire, USA, 1919

Alice Jane Tivey & Charles Benjamin Hester, Walham Green St John's, 1904  

Alice Mary Tivey & James Arthur Carver, Radford Parish Church, 1885

Alice Muriel Catherine Tivey & Hubert Horace Reginald Annells, 1952

Alice Maud Tivey & Alfred Elliott, St Michael's Church, Melbourne, 1908  

Alonso Tivey & Maria Starkey, St Michael's Church, Melbourne, 1895

Amos Tivey & Catherine Wilkinson, Wavertree Holy Trinity, Liverpool 1865  

Amos Edward Tivey & Edith S Wilkins, Lynn, Massachusettes, 1902

Amy Elizabeth Tivey & William Henry Tivey, Dudley, 1897

Ann Tivey & John Cotton (widower), Hathern Parish Church, 1837

Ann Tivey & John Stenson, St Alkmund's Church, Derbyshire 1825  

Ann Stenson (nee Tivey)& Edward Morley, Derby St Peter's, 1843

Ann Howard Tivey & Joseph Day Brocklehurst, Stowell Memorial, Salford 1880  

Ann Tivey (Nee Heatherley) & John Danvers, Shepshed St Botolph 1834

Annie Tivey & Ernest Edwin Bradley, Christ Church Burton 1899

Annie Tivey & John Foulston, Sheffield St Silas 1897

Annie Tivey & William Herbert  Harris, (AUS) Nobby Park, NSW 1885

Annie Elizabeth Tivey & Thomas Weaver, St Matthew's, Darley Abbey  1889  

Arthur Cecil Tivey & Doreen Mary Briers, St Michael's Melbourne, 1943

Arthur Cecil Tivey & Emily Haycock, Wolverhampton St Mark's 1897  

Arthur Stanley Tivey & Gladys Moore, Melbourne St Michael's Church 1925

Beatrice Nellie Tivey & William Lock, St Michael's Church, Melbourne   1925

Betsy Tivey & Alfred Tubey, Derby St Andrew's Church, 1894

Bertram Harry Tivey & Dorothy Swain, Edmonton Registry Office,  1939  

Burton Elwin Tivey & Irene Mabel Pickford, New Hampshire, USA, 1953

Catherine Tivey & John Henson Hand, St Saviours Church Nottingham 1880

Catherine Tivey (Nee Cameron) & John Clough, St Botolph London

Catherine Tivey (nee Vernon) & Charles Gregory,  Melbourne 1869    

Charles Tivey & Annie Staniforth, St Silas, Sheffield,  1904

Charles Tivey & Frances Brown, St Michael's Church, Melbourne, 1837

Charles Tivey & Jane Howard, Glossop Parish Church, Derbyshire 1850  

Charles Tivey & Lydia Hill. Ticknall Parish Church, Derbyshire 1827

Charles Tivey & Mary Ann Gadsby St Michael's Church Melbourne 1887  

Charles Tivey & Rebecca Barton, St Mowden's Church, Burton On Trent 1863

Charles Ascot Tivey & Louisa Blunt, The Register Office, Pancras, London 1901

Charles David Tivey & Lilian Gertrude Booth, Nottingham Registry Office   

Clara Tivey & Matthew Stephen Cratchley, St Michael's Melbourne 1867

Clara E Tivey & William James, St Michael's Church, Melbourne 1893  

Clarence Hereward Tivey & Elsie May Truman, St Michael's, Melbourne  1925

Constance  Tivey & George G Rudge, St John's Walham Green, 1877  

Constance Alice Tivey & Thomas Hutton Cooper. Sheffield, 1922

Dorothy Elizabeth Tivey & Lawrence Merle Cook, New Hampshire, USA 1933

Edgar Tivey (Widower) & Elizabeth Clapperton, Hulme St Michael, 1882   

Edith Tivey & Joseph Harold Mawby, Lynn, Essex, MA, USA 1904

Edith Ellen Tivey & Joseph Wilfred Chadwick, United Methodist Free Church  

Edward Tivey & Ann Critchley nee King, Manchester Cathedral, 1851

Edward Tivey & Ann Howlett, at Anstey Leicestershire,  1803

Edward Tivey & Ann Rutherford, St Alphege, Greenwich, London 1850   

Edward Tivey & Emma Sarah Blatherwick, Sneinton, Nottinghamshire 1907

Edward Tivey & Mary Fairbrother, Melbourne Parish Church, Derbyshire 1776  

Edward Tivey & Sally Dolman, Melbourne Parish Church, Derbys 1800

Edward Tivey & Sarah Ann Barber, Breedon on the Hill, Leicestershire, 1901

Edward Tivey & Sarah Johnson, Anstey, Leicestershire, 1812

Edward F Tivey & Lilla M Mudgett, Meredith, New Hampshire, USA, 1927   

Edwin Tivey & Jane Pass, St Michael's Church, Melbourne, Derbyshire 1858

Eliza Tivey & Alfred Collyer St Michael's Church Melbourne Derbys 1877 

Eliza Tivey & George Staples, St Michael's Church Melbourne Derbyshire 1861

Eliza Tivey & Philip Turner, St Dunstan's & All Saints, Stepney, London, 1869    

Elizabeth Tivey & George Booth, Duffield, Derbyshire, 1868

Elizabeth Tivey & Hiram Stckney, Needham, MA, USA 1879      

Elizabeth Tivey & John Allt, Breedon On the Hill, Leicestershire 1759  

Elizabeth Tivey & John Barratt, Derby Catholic Chapel, Derbyshire 1846

Elizabeth Tivey & John Bird, Holy Trinity, Burton On Trent, 1877    

Elizabeth Tivey & John George Moreman, St George in the East, London 1865

Elizabeth Tivey & John Mear St Michael's Church Melbourne, 1883    

Elizabeth Tivey & John Sykes St Michael's Church Melbourne Derbyshire 1876

Elizabeth Tivey & Samuel Else, St Mary's Church, Wirksworth, Derbyshire  

Elizabeth Tivey & William Daniel Wright, Bilston Parish Church, Staffordshire

Ellen Tivey & Alfred Thomas Harrison, Oldbury Christchurch, Staffs 1882   

Ellen Tivey & Charles James Holland, Kentish Town Parish Church, Camden

Ellen Tivey & William Hulse, St Michael's Church, Melbourne, Derbyshire 1909     

Ellen Amelia Tivey & Robert Newton Elliot, Bombala, N S W, 1881

Ellen Jane Tivey & James Webb, Charlton St Luke's, Kent, 1857       

Elsie Tivey & Herbert Kain, St Matthew's Church, Stretford, Lancashire 1940

Elsie Madeline Tivey & Frederick William Hill, Radford Parish Church, 1918      

Emily Tivey & Alfred Bush, St Gabriel's Church, Bromley, London, 1910

Emily Tivey & Charles Pryer (Prior) Smith, Aston, Sparkbrook, Warwickshire      

Emily Grace Tivey & William James Morris, Waltham Cross,  Herts

Emma Tivey & Arthur Bennett, Stapenhill St Peter's, Derby, 1872            

Emma Tivey & George Isaac Beal Old Town Holy Trinity , London 1871

Emma Tivey & James Hasler, All Hallows Church, Bromley, London  1906          

Emma Tivey & James Styles St Stephen The Martyr,  London 1865

Emma Tivey & Thomas Allt, Whitwick St George, Leicestershire, 1859        

Emma Elizabeth Mary Tivey (nee Davis) & Charles Beal, Clapham Holy Trinity

Ernest Tivey & Clarice Shore, Ardsely Parish Church, Sheffield, 1917

Esther Tivey & Frederick William Taylor, St Matthew's, Darley Abbey, 1895        

Eva Elizabeth Tivey & Harry Jacques, Blackfordby, Leics, 1925

Evelyn Agnes Tivey & Cyril Sworder, St Paul's Carlton, Nottingham, 1932         

Evelyn Mary Tivey & William James Merritt, St Michael's, Melbourne 1920 

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