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Tivey Family Genealogy

Early Tivey Family

Jane Johnson was a native of Melbourne, Derbyshire where she and Thomas moved to after marriage, they were granted a Settlement certificate by the overseers of the parish of Melbourne: The Act of Settlement (1662) was passed to determine Parish responsibility for a poor person or one in need of parish relief due to their circumstances. The place of birth of a person usually determined which parish was responsible for the relief; From 1665, the poor were allowed to enter any parish in search of work, to do this they had to apply to their home parish for a Settlement Bond - this would guarantee that the home Parish would be responsible for paying back any relief to the persons work parish if they fell on hard times; After 1697, noboby was allowed to enter another parish without documentation (Settlement Certificate) that had been signed by magistrates, church wardens and overseers of their home parish. This document guaranteed that the home parish would be responsible for the poor persons upkeep. When a woman married, she automatically became the resposibility of her husband's parish. Thomas who was born and resided in the close Hamlets of Newbold and Worthington, applied to the Parish Overseers for a Settlement Certificate so that he and his wife could settle in Melbourne, the home of Jane and her parents and Thomas' place of work at their time of marriage: The document still survives today and reads:

Leics: We Joseph Brooks and Thomas Wood the Chappel Warden and Overseer
Of the Poor of the Liberty of Worthington in the Parish of Breedon in
the County of Leicester aforesaid Do hereby own and acknowledge
Thomas Tivey his wife and family to be Rehabitants legally settled
in the Liberty of Worthington aforesaid and we do hereby Promise
for our Selves and Successors to receive them into our Said Liberty
whenever they shall become Chargeable In Witness whereof
we have hereunto Set our hands and Seals this Sixth day of
September in the Seventh Year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord
George the Second by the Grace of God of Great Britania ……
Ireland King Defender of the faith in the Year of our Lord, one
Thousand Seven hundred Thirty Three and soforth------

Wittness -----------
John Adcock Joseph Brooks Chappelle Warden
Gorge Bagnal The Marks of
Thomas Wood Overseer of the Poore

To the Churchwardens and Overseer
of the Poor of the Parish of Melborne
In the County of Derby or to any
Or either of them ---------

We whose Names are hereunto Subscribed two of his Majestys justices
of the peace for the County of Leicester aforesaid do allow of the above
….. Certifficate And we do Certify that John Adcock ---------
One of the Attesting Witnesses hath made Oath before us that he
Did see the Chappel Warden and Overseer of the Poore as above --------
Severally Signe and seal this Said Certifficate and that the Name
John Adcock --------- is of his own proper hand writing Dated
The Sixth day of September in the Year of our Lord One Thousand
Seven Hundred Thirty Three and Soforth… -----

Thos Abney ….
Brian Lewis

Settlement-Certificate To see a copy of  the document Click HERE - Alternatively, if you drop me an e-mail, I would be happy to send you a copy.


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