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Tivey Family Genealogy Acknowledgements

There are numerous people who I need to thank for their help and inspiration in compiling these web pages and also the research into the Tivey family and connected families. There will be many more added in the coming months
John-Frederick-Tivey-Family-Tree John-Hannah-and-Christopher-Tivey-Family-Tree
This website and it's contents are dedicated to the Memory of my father-in-law John Frederick Tivey 1930-2005.  A great man with an inspiration for living - a real lust for life, he is sadly missed by his wife Glenys, his son Michael, his daughter Nadia, daughter in law Jan, Son in Law Pete, his loving grandchildren Gareth, Hannah & Christopher, great grandson Thomas, Sister Margaret Pinks and numerous other family members and friends alike. R. I. P. John.
The following people have been a great help in gathering the contents of the website and helped with everything from database management to look ups in records offices, taking photographs, documenting evidence and numerous other tasks needed to set up this project - YOUR HELP AND SUPPORT IS GRATEFULLY APPRECIATED:
Glenys Tivey wife of John and my mum in law, my parents Derek & Marion Wilde - My husband Michael, without you I am nothing; My wonderful children Hannah & Christopher  and all the rest my family for your support.
Special thanks to Keith Flinders who despite living on the other side of the world and the fact that I have never even met you in the flesh has helped immensley in compiling the all in one database and other numerous lists and details that would have taken me so much time to compile - THANK YOU
Lawrence Francis Tivey, a Tivey family historian, who despite having no descendants of his own helped all Tivey's in the discovery of their ancestors by compiling genealogical information (1960's) for future generations to come. Also his relative Alison Kydyk Tivey of Canada, who has provided an insight into Frank's life and passion
ROOTSCHATTERS - MICHAEL CASSELL - You encouraged me from the start and did countless look ups and work at the Leicestershire records office - THANK YOU! Cassie Kelly in the land Downunder, THANK YOU for sending me so much info on all my family members from Australia - Great Stuff - A REAL LADY! : ORMSKIRK (David) , BIG BIG thanks for all the Tivey information you sent me.: Annecaroline (Annie) , BIG BIG THANKS FOR squillions of data on the Australian Witts branches; TRISH251~ I have lots of help from you on lots of different families ~ Thanks for all your time and effort ~ gratefully appreciated ; SPARRETT ~ Lots of help with the Australian Branches ~ THANK YOU OZZY/CRAZY BOB ~ DITTO ! ; Mat - in Toronto, BIG BIG thanks for finding the Grave of GG Uncle Herbert and sending us the photo, MUCH MUCH appreciation! ; Peter Cornish from Hertfordshire - Many thanks for your time looking up the Tivey's of Broxbourne & Wormley.; Dawn Shilcock from Willesden - Many thanks for your time looking up the war grave of Berkeley Thomas Tivey, very much appreciated ; Alf - Thank you for taking the time to go out and photograph the War Memorial in Risley, very kind: THERE ARE ALSO OTHERS WHO I HAVEN'T MENTIONED - Apologies - but thank you anyway - and if you would like a mention on here - drop me a line I would be happy to add you
Peter Walker;; Paul Tivey;; Richard Herbert Tivey;; John Laurance Tivey;; Simon Tivey ;; Hilary Woods ;; John Frearson;; Sandie Pender;; Marion & Peter Harrison;; Michael Rowe ;; Wendy Bowman;; Louise Alcock-Smith;; John Fremont;; Elsie Studley (RIP);; Norman Hirst;; Blanche Charles ;; Jeff Porter ;; Stuart Perkins;; Anthony Paine;; Susan Corner ;; Sue Blair ;; Glyn Jackson ;;  Barbara Page from Comox Valley Family History Group ;; Cathy Priestly ;;